80's Mashed 2
The 80's mashup album of 2012
September 6, 2012
Chocomang presents

All New, 80's Mashed 2, The 80's Mashup Album of 2012


The 50s made people doo wop!
The 60s made people twist.
The 70’s brought us disco.
The 80’s brought it all together.

Now, its 2012 and the 80’s are back!
Listen to this collection of splendid new 80s mashups by many popular, modern home producers.

3 discs (320 kbps 546.3 MB) here Download

3 disks. 54 tracks by 24 mashup producers.

Disk 1/3


disk one preview

Disk 2/3


disk two preview

Disk 3/3


disk three preview

Want More? Here are the videos

1. Midnight in a city (M83 vs Talking Heads) Totom

2. Paragroove Ranking Full Stop ( The Beat vs Onno vs Dyed Soundroom ) DJ Useo

3. Don't You Want My Lonely Heart (Human League vs Yes) Mister Nono

Bonus tracks, more 80's Mixmash

DJ MXR - The Return Of .................................. here